How to hack the job-market and land your dream job
without having to send thousands of CV's
This ONLINE SPRINT will equip you with a process to BUILD A CAREER YOU LOVE. 
It will cover the STRATEGIES, TACTICS and TECHNIQUES for crafting a Meaningful Career and you'll learn:
  • how to understand yourself better and unleash your hidden-talents and purpose
  • how to explore and validate new career possibilities and paths, without having to blindly commit too soon 
  • ​​how to discover interesting hidden-opportunities in the job-market, rather than applying for the same job posts that everybody is seeking
  • how ​to improve your job-search and career development to land that dream-job, without having to send thousands of CV's
  • ​​​how to do smart prospecting, implement recruiters "seduction" funnels and ​​perform innovative job search 
  • how to master meaningful networking
  • ​​​how to grow your Career into your next level
... and many other insights and tips on the process of crafting a meaningful career for yourself!


Miguel is a half-spanish, half-portuguese University professor that has always worked besides teaching (not that teaching is not work...). He is an Entrepreneur with a track-record of more than 15 years, and a former FMCG marketing and innovation manager with experience in several countries of Europe and America.  
When he started his own career, and being a below-average student, he struggled first-hand the anxiety and frustration of the job search and hacked a way out of that. Since then he has been teaching, mentoring and coaching thousands of students, executives and founders in their career journeys, and along with his co-founders from Ungap Education, he has distilled the learnings of the most successful careers into a proprietary process - the "Meaningful Career Crafting Process" that is helping students build their career paths, personal brand and career search, so they can land their dream job and succeed in the marketplace.

Passionate about supporting talented people be the best versions of themselves and achieve their ultimate goals, Miguel has created, developed and empowered hundreds of teams, both as a corporate executive and as an Entrepreneurs. Having interviewed, recruited and developed many professionals in an international context, he has an holistic vision and a real-life experience about the job-market, recruitment process and career development.

Besides all of this, he volunteers in many social projects and still can find the time to enjoy life with his wife and three kids, in beautiful sunny Lisbon. 


Joana is an economist who never pursued that profession. After AIESEC, multiple part-time jobs and other student union contributions, she joined Microsoft (against the expectations that "society" had for her - to take a mandatory- MASTER-that-everybody-takes) by using a non-conventional approach, and stayed there for 5 years.

She took many roles such as Startup Ambassador, Gaming Category Manager, Marketing Manager, People manager, Project and Change manager, and that's when she decided to change the course of her own career and help others to also get diverse experiences.
She truly believes that's the best way to discover and craft meaningful and successful careers. 

She already had the opportunity to impact many careers searchers always in an international context, since she has been working and mentoring young professionals and executives for several years now.



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The program is structured around 11 Modules that will accelerate your journey towards the job and the career you want. They go from unleashing your hidden-talents and discovering what you want, to career experimentation and validation to understand what is the right path for you, to implementing innovative job search techniques that go far beyond resume and cover letter templates or sending thousands of CV's like everyone else.
Who should attend the program?
The MEANINGFUL CAREER CRAFTING | ONLINE SPRINT is for those that want to make the most of their career search and development in order to have a meaningful journey. 
It's either for those that are kickstarting their careers, for those that are already looking for opportunities and doing job search, and also for those that are not happy with their careers so far and want to start discovering new possibilities.
How long does the program last?
This program has approximately 10 hours of content plus several more if you decide to really make-it-happen, with the help of the exercises and implementation tips we recommend. To say it differently: this program is really short if you compare the investment with the return you will have. 
What language is used in the program?
The workshop and all the materials will be in English. 
Does it includes a certificate of completion?
Well, in this case, we don't think that a certificate or a linkedin badge will make a lot of difference in your life, but we include a certificate of completion for you to brag or show your family you really did dive into this amazing experience.
Can I take the Program more than one time?
The materials will be available for you during 6 months. You can consume, review and go over every hack we bring you as many times as you need. You'll find this very convenient and powerful when it's time to implement and start diving into the "battlefield".
How much does it cost?
The price is well described above. As you saw it includes a discount special for those that joined 
What are my payment options?
We firmly believe that the value of the program is "fair" (specially if we compare it with the results you'll get on your job search, career and life). However, we have available a multiple payment option also. If you still need some extra help on this, email us and we will find a way to crack this thing with you.
How will I access the program contents?
You will receive an email with the login details. Please note, only registered email addresses will be permitted in the program. That is, the email address on which you registered your purchase.
What do I need to be able to participate?
Puff! That's a hard one, because everybody has different styles of learning. The basics in our opinion will be a computer, tablet or phone to watch the content and a notebook, moleskine or piece of paper to take notes and write whatever impacts and resonates with you, so that you remember and take action afterwards.
What is the dress-code?
Well, in principle we really don't care about dress-code. We've learn that many times the underdressed are the most talented in the room (take a look at Mark Z. flip-flops in the beginnings of facebook live). Even more, this is a 100% online program, so you can be on your 'pajama', shorts or even naked.... anything goes, but pleaaaassse, be comfortable and mindful. 
Will we have cookies and treats like those hotel-room kind-of trainings?
That's the innovation that could change the World! We would love to use tele-transportation to offer you some cookies and treats during the program. Even massages! Unfortunately... we are not yet there.
Is this program completely COVID-19 safe?
There are no evidences that COVID-19 can be transmitted via broadband. So, be assure that we will keep you safe. Uffff!

Additional questions about this program?

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